Eliminate Cold-Calling! Here’s How We Do It

  • ✔ Review and optimize your LinkedIn profile

  • ✔ Find and target your ideal prospect

  • ✔ Send connection invitations

  • ✔ Send custom-written “Thank You” messages to new connections

  • ✔ Visit and endorse new connection profile

  • ✔ Send custom message containing your value proposition and call-to-action

  • ✔ Drip follow-up messages to prospects who don’t respond

We Build and Manage your
LinkedIn Marketing Funnel

Imagine if you could locate and automatically connect with your target audience on LinkedIn, then send a custom “thank you” message once the connection requests are accepted, view their profile and endorse a few skills to warm the prospect up, and then send a unique message containing your value proposition and a call-to-action.

Our system will create your own personal LinkedIn lead generation funnel. Everything is 100% done-for-you and all you need to do is take over the conversations from the incoming responses. We also save all your prospects in a downloadable CSV file, and send personal monthly reports from your dashboard.

Evaluate Performance with Monthly Reports

You cannot evaluate your marketing efforts and ROI without having accurate, up-to-date statistics.

Prospect Engine sends a detailed monthly report showing various metrics including the number of connections made, profile views & search appearances, messages sent and received, and your social selling index to evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

Additional Features and Integrations


Multiple campaigns

Want to run campaigns to different prospect groups in different areas? No Problem! Prospect Engine allows multiple campaigns in multiple locations all for one low price.


Import / Export

Want to build a database of prospects for use in other ways? Now you can! Prospect Engine allows you to export your list of new connections to a CSV file for use in creating Facebook audiences, invite lists for events, direct mail and more.

Zapier and Hubspot integration

Want to sync your new LinkedIn connections with Hubspot or other CRM programs. Prospect Engine can integrate with Zapier, allowing us to push data to third-party software.

Activity Control

Protecting your LinkedIn account is our top priority. Prospect Engine uses activity control measures to maintain safe operation within LinkedIn recommended guidelines.

Real Success Stories

Trusted by B2B companies and sales professionals across the United States.

  • “Since the program started, I have received close to 200 NEW connections on LinkedIn and of those, 9 have scheduled meetings or calls with me. I would have never connected with these promising referral partners if not for your Prospect Engine program. It’s exciting!”

    Brad Atwood - Mortgage Equity Partners
    Brad Atwood - Mortgage Equity Partners
  • “I’m thoroughly impressed with the response rates we’ve received. Prospect Engine takes a subtle, non-abrasive approach to LinkedIn networking. It's getting to the point where I’ll need to hire a booking agent solely to manage the amount of appointments we’re getting.”

    Cory Jeffries - Homespire Mortgage
    Cory Jeffries - Homespire Mortgage
  • “I am very happy with the service. It is a no-brainer for me as it’s getting me in front of 2-4 new agents a week right now. Bottom line, this is the best bang for my buck in the industry hands down! Every loan officer looking to meet new agents should have this tool!”

    Domenick Cannatelli - CMG Financial
    Domenick Cannatelli - CMG Financial

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