Benefits to Using

Prospect Engine

  • Automate daily outreach and follow-up
  • Eliminate cold-calling and rejection
  • Deliver custom messaging to prospects
  • Save money on marketing and advertising
  • Target the right prospects for your niche
  • Spend more time building relationships
  • Dramatically reduce the sales cycle
  • Significantly increase your conversion rates

What We Do:

  • Review and optimization of your LinkedIn profile to maximize results
  • Develop your target market, ideal prospect and geographic location
  • Design custom messaging to be sent to your prospects for better engagement
  • Invite up to 100 prospects/day to connect with you on LinkedIn
  • Launch a customized drip email campaign to engage your new leads
  • Automatic follow-up for 90-days or until the prospect responds
  • Deliver consistent inbound emails from new referral partners
  • Help you average 3-5 new prospect appointments per week!*