The Premier Automated Prospecting Tool for

Property Insurance Agencies

Are you an Insurance Agent looking to grow your business?

Do you currently receive referrals from Loan Officers and Realtors?

Are you tired of cold-calling and being rejected?

Would connecting with more referral sources help you write more business?

Prospect Engine Can Help!

Prospect Engine automates the process of targeting, attracting and engaging new Realtors and Loan Officers. We’ll deliver inbound emails from prospects who are interested in talking or meeting with you. You’ll have targeted Realtors and Loan Officers you’ve never met reaching out without you having to lift a finger. Your only job will be to provide value, nurture the relationship and earn their referrals!

Here’s exactly what Prospect Engine will do for you. First, we’ll work with you to develop your target market, geographic location and unique sales offer. Next, using the power of Sales Navigator within LinkedIn, we will invite 50-100 prospects per day to connect with your online profile. Once a prospect connects, we’ll launch a series of drip emails to engage them with your unique offer, product or solution. Prospect Engine will then follow-up automatically on your behalf for 90-days, or until the prospect responds. Email responses will be delivered directly to your inbox where you can take over the conversation and book the appointment.

The response rates to this technique have been phenomenal. Our members have added an average of 450 new connections per month to their LinkedIn network. On average they’re scheduling 3-5 new appointments per week and referrals are coming in as little as 45-days. Using Prospect Engine can significantly reduce your sales cycle while allowing you to focus on Realtors and Loan Officers who have an interest in speaking with you. You can eliminate cold-calling and rejections; save money on leads and co-marketing; and spend more time building partnerships that last.

What would your Insurance business look like

if you had 3-5 new Realtors or Loan Officers emailing YOU weekly?