This case study shows results from a Prospect Engine lender client over a 30-day period.

Industry: Mortgage Lender

Prospect: Real Estate Agents

Market: Massachusetts

Outreach: 2,200

New Connections: 459 (20%)

Email Responses: 139 (31%)

Appointments: 15 (11%)


Our lender client was able to book 15 appointments with new Realtors in the first 30-days. The entire outreach, connection and follow-up system ran for 90-days without the lender having to lift a finger, except engage with the Realtors and book the appointments! The ROI from one closed loan will exceed the annual cost of subscription. The anticipated ROI from 15 new Realtor appointments is exponential. The client has now expanded their campaign into other prospects such as Financial Planners, CPA’s and Divorce Attorneys.